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Music and Sound Offer New Ways to Connect

After working part time as an audio engineer, Jabari Clemons ’22 decided to pursue an MA in Sound Arts and Industries to explore other opportunities in the world of sound.

Discovering How Sound Can Shape Unforgettable Experiences

Claire Krupela ’22 turned a pandemic-related layoff from Walt Disney Imagineering into an opportunity to pursue her passion for sound and experience design by earning an MA in Sound Arts and Industries at Northwestern.

New Book Explains How What We Hear Shapes Who We Are

Northwestern Professor Nina Kraus, neuroscientist and director of Brainvolts Lab, authored Of Sound Mind: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World to help readers understand the impact of how they engage with sound.

Discovering New Ways to Blend Movement with Sound

Choreographer-turned-sound-designer Erica Ricketts ’21 is earning an MA in Sound Arts and Industries to forge a new career path that combines her love for dance, sound arts, and film.