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Spring 2016

Nina Kraus on NPR--“Foley Sound Effects Workshop” and Podcast Episode--“Listening In: Sonic Interventions in the Middle East and North Africa”--Ali Aftab Saeed and Saad Sultan Concert

Winter 2016

Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces--Performance Portrait: Live--Gary Rydstrom Podcast Episode--Oscar Nomination

Fall 2015

2015 Falling Walls Conference--Only Human Interview--Artifacts Audioplay Tour--The Sound of Design--Sounds of South Asia--Sexing Sound Festival--First Annual Cookout--Fall SSLG Session--Radiolab Interview--Keynote Address--Rainforest Score Recreation--New Play--Jeff Award Nominations

Summer 2015

New Book--New Virtual Sound Room--Nina Kraus on NPR--Backstory Interview