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Fall 2019

Chicago Sound Show--Visiting Artist: Eleanor McDowall--Masterclass: Designing Sound with Interactive Architecture--Visiting Artist: Kara Oehler--Visiting Artist: Mandee Mallonee--The Truth Episode

Spring 2019

2019 Spring Symposium: Study in Sound--Visiting Artist: Paula Fairfield--"Sonic Spring"--Visiting Artist: Tania El Khoury

Winter 2019

Visiting Artist: Ele Matelan--Sound in Games Panel--Visiting Speaker: Adam Sachs--Visiting Artist: Karina Longworth

Fall 2018

ALTA Award--Sundance Film Festival Selection--Podcasting Masterclass--Archival Sound Workshop--Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies--Visiting Artist: Trimpin--Visiting Artist: Brendan Baker

Spring 2018

2018 Spring Symposium: Study in Sound--Speaker Series: Alex Patsavas--Music Therapy Conference--Masterclass: “Where Should We Begin…and will I ever get this right?” with Jesse Baker--Visiting Speaker: Tom Myers--Performance: Jana Winderen

Winter 2018

Visiting Speaker: David Lowery--Career Trek: Chicago Public Media--Career Trek: 2112 and Fort Knox Studios--Speaker Series: Harmonix Music Systems--Career Trek: Shure, Inc.--WildClaw Theatre Performance--Visiting Speaker: Jennifer Stoever--Masterclass: Voiceover with Donna Jay Fulks--Virtual Chat: Josh Moshier

Fall 2017

NEH Grant--Artist Talk: Gregory Whitehead--“The World According to Sound” Live Tour--Masterclass: Sonic Branding with Steve Milton--Third Annual Cookout--Art Installation Trilogy--Speaker Series: Gary Rydstrom

Spring 2017

Speaker Series: Harmonix Music Systems--Artist Talk: Annea Lockwood--Career Trek: Shure, Inc.--Voiceover Masterclass and Mock Recording Session--Visiting Speaker: Juan Bello--New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

Winter 2017

Workshop: Experimental Sound Studio--Scientific American Article--Speaker Series: Johanna Zorn--Sound Processing and Brain Trauma--Artist Talk: Jeff Kolar--Highway Noise Research Project--“Sound and Vision: Experimental” Installation Piece

Fall 2016

NewMusicUSA Grant--Nina Kraus MindShift Interview--Workshop: Sonic Branding--U.S. Department of Education Presentation--Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies (GLASS)--Speaker Series: Storytelling with Sound in Movies--Speaker Series: The Future of Podcasts and Digital Media--Second Annual Cookout