“I don’t know of any other program that combines sound arts, sound science and sound studies like the MA at Northwestern, but to me it’s a natural. To find those connections could be very powerful”
Gary Rydstrom, Seven-Time Academy Award-Winning Sound Designer

“I’m excited about the potential of NU’s new MA in Sound Arts and Industries – with its unique blend of coursework combining science and art – to prepare the next generation of audio storytellers and sound designers”
Johanna Zorn, Executive Director, Third Coast International Audio Festival

The MA program in Sound Arts and Industries combines an interdisciplinary approach to understanding sound media and culture with industry-facing training. While learning about current audio tools, the scientific underpinnings of sound, and the histories of sound practices, you will also have direct contact with industry leaders in audio branding, acoustic engineering, sound studies, audio tourism, podcasting, the film industry, the video game industry and the arts.



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